Announcements and store updates


‘No Strings Attached’ (otherwise known as ‘NSA’), is my pose store in Second Life. I aim to create beautiful poses which aid in telling a story. A lot of my creations tend to be a little left of centre, although my couples sets are amongst the most tender on the grid, suiting the true romantics at heart.

I do accept pose and animation commissions. I have a number of clients who have always been thoroughly delighted with my work. I create animations ONLY as full perm commissioned items.

Bec Santos is my alt and is used solely to send and receive notices from groups I don’t have enough space for.

Unfortunately it has become necessary to lay out the few rules regarding ‘NSA’ :-

1. I cannot offer refunds for no transfer purchases, except in the instance of double purchase and where transaction history has been provided on a notecard.

2. All pose customisations, refit and commissions are at my discretion and I reserve the right to accept and decline commission requests for any reason, with no obligation to justify my decision.

3. I will deal only with OOC clientele and ask that you respect my wish not to partake in your roleplay, meaning that I will not acknowledge your “master”, “mistress”, . This should go without saying.

I would appreciate the addition of any artistic creations to the group flickr and I have been known to lavish my gratitude upon people who have contributed in the past. 😉

Bloggers – Please contact me with your blog url.