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A black weekend at ‘NSA’

If your family is like mine, and most of the ones I know, family get togethers are almost certainly a recipe for disaster! Until everyone is too full to bicker and argue, there can be all kinds of erruptions in a house that’s too small for so many people – especially in the kitchen! Of course, at the end of the day, we all love each other and in some bizarre way, this is how we show our affection.

So, to celebrate this TOSL weekend of excess (sales anyone???), I bring to you:-

This couples pose set is only 50L and for this weekend only, you will also receive a free turkey drumstick! Now who could say no to that? 😀

While you’re visiting, make sure you have a hunt around for my “With Love from” hunt gift! I’m giving away a couples sled and a set of either red or green “Zassy Sassy Snow Gear”, including boots! It’s not too hard to find, if you “surrender” to the love. 😉

Happy Snapping!

Pictures and landmarks for the othe awesome creators in this weeks TOSL can be found HERE


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