Announcements and store updates

It’s my turn again at ZombiePopcorn Brand!! I’ve created a simple set of poses for the shy, demure girl in all of us:

The pack comes complete with mirrors of all poses and is available only from the ZombiePopcorn Brand stores –
ZombiePopcorn Mainstore
ZombiePopcorn @ Sassy City
ZombiePopcorn @ Sketch Pad
Make sure you check out for pictures of all the fantastic goodies in this round!


Now for a few reminders:
Time is running VERY short for you to pick up

and the freebie

Rhed has given instructions for us to have our prims cleaned up by Monday, so hurry hurry hurry down to FTLO Halloween!


Also running out of time is

ALL proceeds from the sale of this item go to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation and it is only available at Horrorfest.


And a final reminder, last but -definitely- not least – the Frankenfae Collaboration!



Cane (Skinthesis), Evie (Evie’s Closet), angel6 (Angelwing) and Elizabeth (Frippery) have created THE most fantastic items to put together the perfect undead fairy. All pieces are available at each store and you can find a lot more information HERE.

Happy snapping!!


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