Announcements and store updates

The Frankenfae has come to ‘NSA’

So… Elizabeth Tinsley of Frippery and Cane Sutter of Skinthesis put their creative heads together and came up with the idea of collaborating on some creepy Halloween FrankenFae for the season.

They invited Evie’s Closet, Angelwing Designs and No Strings Attached to join in and here’s what resulted:



Evie’s Closet has released the ethereal & spooky “Will O’ The Wisp” gown and Angelwings a fun and playful mini-dress. From Frippery comes intricate & haunting prim wings, bracelets and neck bolts. To complete the look, Skinthesis has skin & ear sets, eyes, hair AND shoes! There’s barely a thing left, EXCEPT!

10 morbidly cute poses for your undead Fae!!

There are boards in each store; Evie’s Closet, Frippery, Skinthesis, Angelwing and of course, ‘No Strings Attached’,  with -all- of the individual items available for sale, so you can pick and choose and build your own Frankenfae.

You do not want to miss this!

Happy snapping!!




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