Announcements and store updates

Life’s a witch with ‘NSA’

Have you heard? Horrorfest has started and across all sims it’s just as spooky as can be! Every single creator participating has created a special item with 100% of the proceeds going to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation! Just for all of your Halloween fun, I’ve created something special…

These five poses are contained in a fantastic sculpted broom and accessed through a clickable menu. This means that you can wear it in whatever spooky sim takes your fancy without any trouble with rezzing permissions! You can find this exclusively at Horrorfest.

Taste of SL weekend came around again so quickly but I felt like I already had a set in store that fit the “Let Yourself Go” theme perfectly!

Snatch up
for 50L while you can and make sure you check out the other fantastic creators! My favourite place for keeping up with all the goodies going on around the place is The Rumour and you’ll find all the slurls, as well as pictures (!!!) right there!

I have another little surprise for you this weekend that I’m just itching to tell you about, but I haven’t been given the go-ahead just yet, so it’ll have to wait… for now.

Don’t forget that “For the love of… Halloween” is still going and you can pick up the exclusive “Just Jack” for only 100L, as well as the freebie ‘Fear’ pose pack. Both are right here.

Happy Snapping!


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