Announcements and store updates


‘NSA’ is back on track!


Well, I made it through the second round of floods, a little worse for wear, but alive! Now that I have things back to some kind of normal, I’m going to dive back into creating some gorgeous new things for you. I can’t even begin to tell you how many fabulous ideas I had while I had no electricity for my computer 😦

I want to send a special thank you to Zasneny Dubrovna, Evangeline Miles, Elizabeth Tinsley, Dagmar Haiku and Rubianne Ellison, for all their concern and all that they did to keep NSA active while I was stuck offline, for their excitement at my return and for being such really, truly, wonderful friends. Someone clever once said “If you can count your true friends on one hand, you’ve lived a great life” and so I consider myself extremely blessed to have this handful.

I’d also like to thank everyone who bought poses from my store in January. All of the money I made in the month will be going to the Red Cross for flood victims. When I find the time I intend to go through my transaction history and send something special to each and every one of you.

Well, that’s all for now. Please keep your eyes peeled for some great things on their way from ‘NSA’!

Happy Snapping!


TOSL steals a deal from ‘NSA’

The awesome team behind Taste of SL (TOSL) give us a really creative new theme each weekand this week they’ve brought “Favourite Things”. But!! I have so so many favourite things!

That’s why, instead of offering you something that I love, I thought perhaps you’d like to choose your own! I’ve set up all of my Oubliette vendors with a sparky new gift card system that allows you to buy transferable AND rechargeable gift cards for yourself or your friends!

For this weekends TOSL only, you can purchase a 200L card for only 100L. This effectively gives you 50% off any pose set you choose to buy with it!

A black weekend at ‘NSA’

If your family is like mine, and most of the ones I know, family get togethers are almost certainly a recipe for disaster! Until everyone is too full to bicker and argue, there can be all kinds of erruptions in a house that’s too small for so many people – especially in the kitchen! Of course, at the end of the day, we all love each other and in some bizarre way, this is how we show our affection.

So, to celebrate this TOSL weekend of excess (sales anyone???), I bring to you:-

This couples pose set is only 50L and for this weekend only, you will also receive a free turkey drumstick! Now who could say no to that? 😀

While you’re visiting, make sure you have a hunt around for my “With Love from” hunt gift! I’m giving away a couples sled and a set of either red or green “Zassy Sassy Snow Gear”, including boots! It’s not too hard to find, if you “surrender” to the love. 😉

Happy Snapping!

Pictures and landmarks for the othe awesome creators in this weeks TOSL can be found HERE

It’s my turn again at ZombiePopcorn Brand!! I’ve created a simple set of poses for the shy, demure girl in all of us:

The pack comes complete with mirrors of all poses and is available only from the ZombiePopcorn Brand stores –
ZombiePopcorn Mainstore
ZombiePopcorn @ Sassy City
ZombiePopcorn @ Sketch Pad
Make sure you check out for pictures of all the fantastic goodies in this round!


Now for a few reminders:
Time is running VERY short for you to pick up

and the freebie

Rhed has given instructions for us to have our prims cleaned up by Monday, so hurry hurry hurry down to FTLO Halloween!


Also running out of time is

ALL proceeds from the sale of this item go to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation and it is only available at Horrorfest.


And a final reminder, last but -definitely- not least – the Frankenfae Collaboration!



Cane (Skinthesis), Evie (Evie’s Closet), angel6 (Angelwing) and Elizabeth (Frippery) have created THE most fantastic items to put together the perfect undead fairy. All pieces are available at each store and you can find a lot more information HERE.

Happy snapping!!

The Frankenfae has come to ‘NSA’

So… Elizabeth Tinsley of Frippery and Cane Sutter of Skinthesis put their creative heads together and came up with the idea of collaborating on some creepy Halloween FrankenFae for the season.

They invited Evie’s Closet, Angelwing Designs and No Strings Attached to join in and here’s what resulted:



Evie’s Closet has released the ethereal & spooky “Will O’ The Wisp” gown and Angelwings a fun and playful mini-dress. From Frippery comes intricate & haunting prim wings, bracelets and neck bolts. To complete the look, Skinthesis has skin & ear sets, eyes, hair AND shoes! There’s barely a thing left, EXCEPT!

10 morbidly cute poses for your undead Fae!!

There are boards in each store; Evie’s Closet, Frippery, Skinthesis, Angelwing and of course, ‘No Strings Attached’,  with -all- of the individual items available for sale, so you can pick and choose and build your own Frankenfae.

You do not want to miss this!

Happy snapping!!



Life’s a witch with ‘NSA’

Have you heard? Horrorfest has started and across all sims it’s just as spooky as can be! Every single creator participating has created a special item with 100% of the proceeds going to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation! Just for all of your Halloween fun, I’ve created something special…

These five poses are contained in a fantastic sculpted broom and accessed through a clickable menu. This means that you can wear it in whatever spooky sim takes your fancy without any trouble with rezzing permissions! You can find this exclusively at Horrorfest.

Taste of SL weekend came around again so quickly but I felt like I already had a set in store that fit the “Let Yourself Go” theme perfectly!

Snatch up
for 50L while you can and make sure you check out the other fantastic creators! My favourite place for keeping up with all the goodies going on around the place is The Rumour and you’ll find all the slurls, as well as pictures (!!!) right there!

I have another little surprise for you this weekend that I’m just itching to tell you about, but I haven’t been given the go-ahead just yet, so it’ll have to wait… for now.

Don’t forget that “For the love of… Halloween” is still going and you can pick up the exclusive “Just Jack” for only 100L, as well as the freebie ‘Fear’ pose pack. Both are right here.

Happy Snapping!

‘NSA’ donates ToSL to breast cancer

It’s that time of the week again! TOSL!!! Being that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, this weeks theme is Pretty In Pink.

I have set this out for 50L and ALL proceeds from the sale of this item this weekend are being donated to the American Cancer Society. I really hope you will come on over and pick this up. There is also a donation kiosk for those who feel like adding  a little more <333

The other fantastic creators participating this weekend are:

je suis…

~*Indie Rose*~

Sweeter Than Candy




Sassy Kitty






INDI Designs


Heart & Sole

Don’t forget that “For the love of… Halloween” is still going and you can pick up the exclusive “Just Jack” for only 100L!!


You can also hunt out ‘NSA’s freebie (amongst many others!)

Both of these are available only  from FTLO sim until the end of the event at midnight on 31st October.

Happy Snapping!